Terms & Conditions

Touring Conditions for Park Farm Holiday Park

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Cliffs at TenbyAdmission to the park implies a committment to uphold the regulations of the park which imply general standards of conduct and behaviour. Any person in breach of these regulations may be asked to leave the park with no refund. The staff are entitled to refuse admission when deemed appropriate even if a prior booking has been made.

*Season: 5th April- 31st October 2019

PITCHES RESERVED: £25 per week or part week over 2 nights. (No refunds of deposits).

Please note that only ONE unit of accommodation is allowed on a pitch i.e. either a tent, trailer-tent, caravan or motor home. However, a Gazebo (without sides) can be booked by prior arrangement (space permitting).

*BOOKING:* Bookings taken throughout the season - essential July/August and Bank Holidays. Bookings only accepted on receipt of booking form and deposit. Any changes must be in writing. No one night bookings taken. No bookings taken for short weekends (2 nights) in peak season. Your pitch is not guaranteed to be available until 2 pm. Please DEPART by 12 noon. No refunds are given for early departure.

Please keep all noise to a minimum especially after 10.30pm.

*GROUPS:* Maximum of 3 units per booking unless by prior arrangement. Single sex groups are not permitted.

*BBQs* are permitted but MUST be off the ground so as to avoid burning the grass. Open fires and burning of wood on BBQs are strictly forbidden.

*CHILDREN* must be supervised on the park at all times.

*CYCLING and BALL GAMES* within the park may be restricted at peak times at our discretion.

*AWNING EXTENSIONS* are prohibited at peak times at other times are allowed by arrangement only.

*DOGS* are welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times, must not foul the park and must not be left on the park unattended.

* Electric hook-ups available - more than 6 amps by prior arrangement.

Halgen lamps/heaters are not allowed

Conditions of Hire for a Holiday Caravan at Park Farm Holiday Park.

Season: 7th April - 31st October 2018

1. Hirers must undertake to keep their accommodation in a clean and tidy condition during the period of their stay.

2. Hirers are required to ensure that the number of persons occupying the Caravan does not exceed the number of berths provided.

3. Motorised caravans or cars are not to be used as extra sleeping accommodation.

4. Hirers must check the inventory of equipment on arrival and report any shortages and damage at once, otherwise they will be charged with the cost of the items found broken or missing on their departure.

5. Hirers must keep to the speed limit of 5 miles per hour at all times. Any person exceeding this speed or driving in a dangerous fashion will be asked to take their car off the site.

6. Holes must not be dug or turf cut. Trees, shrubs and plants must not be cut or interfered with.

7. No open fire or barbecue shall be made on site. No firearms or explosives may be used on site.

8. No clothes lines are to be erected.

9. Motorbikes are not permitted on site.

10. Vehicles are only permitted on the site if they are insured against third party risks and the driver holds a current driving license. Vehicles must not be taken onto the grass during wet weather.

11. Electrical appliances are limited to 1000 watts consumption.

12. Musical instruments, record players, radios etc. must not be used between the hours of 11.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m. Holidaymakers must at all times conduct themselves with due regard to others.

13. No ball games are allowed amongst and around the caravans.

14. Gas will be delivered between 8.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. only.

15. Cramcrest Ltd. and its employees shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft to or from any caravan or other property, nor for injury, accident or mishap to any person on the site, whether or not the same caused or contributed to by any negligence or default on the part of the company, its servants or agents. The company shall not be held responsible for the loss or theft of caravan keys.

16. Dogs - are NOT allowed.

17. The balance of the hiring charge due must be paid by 3.00 p.m. on day of arrival and if the office has not had prior notification of late arrival, we reserve the right to re-let the caravan after this time.

18. Hirers cannot take possession of their caravan before 3.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must vacate by 9.30. a.m. on the day of departure.

19. Hiring fees are accepted on the understanding that the above rules are complied with. The company reserves the right to terminate permission to occupy a caravan on the site if in the opinion of the company or its agent, the person concerned has not complied with the above rules and conditions or with any regulations posted on the site notice board by the management, or if in the opinion of the management, has acted in such a manner as to require his / her immediate removal from the site. The refund of the appropriate proportion of any fees paid in advance shall be sufficient discharge of all obligations to any persons who is required to leave the site for the above reasons.

20. A reservation deposit of £60.00 per week per caravan is required to confirm your reservation. (No refunds of deposits)